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The impact of glacial retreat and unreliable snowfall

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What are the impacts on ski resorts due to global warming - glaciers retreat and snowfall becomes unreliable -so, what is the impact?


 Christmas 2014 was not a great start to the Alpine Ski Season - read this news report


Even the solutions create problems...

Adding artificial snow to the slopes has many environmental problems -  Artificial snow is used on 30 per cent of slopes in the Alps,

In the past, it has required 95 million cubic metres of water to cover slopes in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia for a season. A city of 1.5m inhabitants uses the same amount of water in a year.

(Nov 2014 - a bit of a long read - just have a brief look? :Why snow machines are cold comfort) 


why not cover your glacier in blankets?!  - seriously!  



The FRAGILE Alps - impacts of climate change and tourism - read this from the WWF


Adapting to climate change - report


 Abondance in the French Alps - diversifying away from skiing -  Faced with an uncertain future, mountain towns and villages are already trying to diversify into leisure activities that are independent of snow. (In Canada Jay Peak, a low-lying resort in Vermont  invested a substantial amount in indoor water parks and alternative activities during the winter season and survived the 2011-2012 warm winter)

rock falls and climate change hikes


How glaciers have retreated globally


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