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Blackpool - a UK coastal resort

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Blackpool -   WATCH this to being with and read pages 240 and 241 carefully.


1. Describe Blackpool's location - include a map in your work


Make sure you know where it is! 

View Larger Map


2. Draw your own version of figure 2 on page 240 and add labels that apply to Blackpool from the text on page 240 too.

3. Make a table to summarise Blackpool's problems (follow question 2 on page 241 - but you can have more than 2 problems in each category!)

4. Explain how Blackpool is attempting to solve it's problems - use the examples on page 241 and then follow the links below to extend your research...


Visit Blackpool!


Will this persuade the French to come to Blackpool?! read then watch!   and now there's advert number two!



Attempts to regenerate Blackpool


Will the latest improvements to Blackpool Tower make a difference...


are tourist numbers on the rise?


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