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CHINA -  The new Economic Giant!


What do you know so far?- have a go at this quiz


Did you know...


  • China is the largest exporter and the second largest importer in the world
  • China became the largest manufacturing country in the world, overtaking the U.S. in 2010. 
  • It is the ( second) largest Economy in the world, behind the USA  (graphic) - OR is it now the LARGEST? (a lot of detail here - too much perhaps!)
  • China's exports are primarily in the toys, clothing and electrical and electronics industries - China is the world's largest manufacturer of toy products, with a 70 percent share!



Explain why China has become an economic giant - use this document to help you organise your answer.


You should refer to the following:

Government legislation

Special Economic Zones

Export Processing Zones


Investment in infrastructure and cities (e.g. The 3 Gorges Dam generates two thirds of China's electricity by HEP. As a renewable energy resource it is clean and cheap. The dam has led to much development)

 Access to global markets  (take a look at Shanghai's port!)

The home market

(you could also include the Olympic factor  - see below) 


The 2008 Beijing Olympics provided China with the opportunity to show case the nation. The opening ceremony "One World, One Dream" was an attempt to demonstrate the friendliness and openness of the country and aimed to stimulate foreign financial investment. 




key info sheet


China in numbers - take a look at these graphs!


workplace safety


The Guardian's pages on China  


China Profile from the BBC


BBC news pages on China


The Opening Ceremony to the 2008 Olympics - China opens up to the world - "One World One Dream"



read this http://blog.euromonitor.com/2012/01/china-leads-global-manufacturing-output-.html


extension - How is China's economy changing and why? read this



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