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Restless Earth Revision

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know your terminology!


These are the case studies you are advised to know for this topic:


  • A volcanic eruption = Montserrat
  • A Supervolcano = Yellowstone
  • An earthquake in a poor part of the world = Haiti, 2010
  • An earthquake in a rich part of the world = LA USA 1994
  • A Tsunami - Japan 2011 
  • Fold mountains = The Alps


When preparing your case studies:

  • make sure you are focused on the key requirements of the topic area. topic outline.
  • Be selective about the volume of facts you try to recall - just enough to make it 'ring true'



Know your diagrams:


  • Constructive boundary
  • Destructive boundary
  • Conservative boundary
  • Shield Volcano
  • composite volcano
  • Fold mountain formation
  • Ocean trench
  • Tsunami formation 
  • Supervolcano formation 


...they need to be accurate, in pencil, with useful labels/annotations! Practice makes perfect! 


Other useful tasks to complete:


  1. Make a table that shows the contrasts between continental and oceanic plates
  2. Explain the formation of an ocean trench
  3. Complete a table of techniques used to monitor and predict volcanic eruptions
  4. Describe how earthquakes can be measured - 2 scales - provide details on each.
  5. Make a list of ways in which attempts are made to predict, protect and prepare for earthquakes. 
  6. The advantages and disadvantages of living in a tectonic environment e.g. the Bay of Naples. 
  7. Be absolutely confident that you can react correctly to key terms - effects, response, primary, secondary, immediate and long term...

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