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Fair Trade

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Watch- the need for Fair Trade in Ecuador - banana producers..


1. In your text - page 205:  Make a list of the Fair Trade Principles - then answer question 3 about the Windward Islands


 2. Case study on Fair Trade:

Include the following: 


  • Named location / project, you could add a map
  • A description of the project / details of how it works
  • The benefits (social, economic, environmental)
  • Comment on how projects such as this can help to reduce the imbalance of world trade.


Read this article - are there disadvantages to your Fair trade project too? 



3. How can trading groups help address the imbalance in global trade - Find out what the African Free Trade Zone is and how it should help  


Some links to investigate...

  Fair Trade Fortnight 2012 - and coming soon in 2013 

Start by making sure you know what fair trade is - answers to even more questions here too!


The Fair Trade Foundation - click on the 'PRODUCERS' tab to find case studies that you could select from.


 Cotton Farmers in Mali - how have they benefitted from fair trade?  Where is Mali?  What is its level of development?


Fair Trade Fashion - People Tree -  be very clear about the importance of purchasing a fair trade produce - use this website to get you started ]: Consider the social, environmental and economic benefits.


 A message from George Alagiah


 It is not just about fair trade fashion - have a look at this table of dataYou could research into other fair trade products - use this link as a starting point...




Green and Blacks







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