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Obstacles to Development

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Global inequalities are exacerbated by physical and human factors:


Economic factors – global imbalance of trade between different parts of the world.

The imbalance in the pattern of world trade  word doc

the attempts to reduce it: The contributions of Fair Trade and Trading Groups.


Environmental factors – the impact of natural hazards. A case study of a natural hazard.  HAITI: WATCH!

Two years on - listen to this report from The Guardian and watch the BBC news Jan2012  Haiti is victim to other natural hazards - Hurricane Sandy October 2012


Social factors – differences in the quantity and quality of water available on peoples’ standards of living.


Political influences – the impact of unstable governments - political conflicts (e.g. Afghanistan and political mismanagement e.g. Zimbabwe and Haiti)  Syria - the BBC outlines the story of the conflict. Read this story of daily life. watch this newsreport


A good overview of many of the issues... WATCH! 



Keep up to date:


An overview of what’s happening in Syria from the BBC


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