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River Features

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You need to be able to describe and explain the formation of the following features. Don't forget to make detailed reference to relevant processes in  your writing. Learn your terminology!


Upper Course:

V-shaped valleys and interlocking spurs  - task here

Waterfalls and gorges   (drag this video to approx. 7 mins for High Force Waterfall)  Use this document to help explain the formation of a waterfall and draw a diagram.


middle and lower course 


Meanders -                 WATCH            (word doc  example of an exam question)

Ox-bow lakes - watch!

- complete this exercise for meanders and oxbow lakesword doc


DEPOSITION (page 85)

1. List the factors that encourage deposition in a river (page 85)


2. What is alluvium?


3. Levees and Floodplains complete this exercise   See page 85  and 86 too  What is a floodplain? - watch this clip



you could also read on to find out about estuaries and deltas (even though these aren't listed on your exam spec!)


The Long Profile


  • The Long Profile of a river shows the height of the river above sea level, plotted against distance from its source. 
  • Sketch a theoretical long profile and label it


  • Reorganise the information here to show the changes along the course of a river from source to mouth.


  •  Find examples of features from the River Tees  from source to mouth e.g High Force as an example of a waterfall.

 The River Tees  Look on an OS Map for The Source at Cross Fell  compare this to the lower course of the river beyond Barnard Castle towards Darlington



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