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Ice on the land

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useful terminology 


An introduction...


Watch the video clip on the front page of Extreme Ice Survey   


Vanishing Glaciers - watch this


Want to know more about geological time scales?  click here!


 All your questions answered?! 


Terminology sheet - you can add to this too...


The Glacier as a system, the glacial budget and glacial processes - open the word doc and use the boardworks powerpoint to help you! Watch this clip that helps explain the glacial budget. ablation in action!



Glacial ProcessesTASKS!



Erosional Landforms


  • Corries,  Aretes and Pyramidal Peaks - complete this exercise
  • Glacial Troughs and Hanging Valleys
  • Ribbon Lakes


Once you have learned about all of your landforms you can search for real examples of these landforms  - include a labelled photograph of each one in your notes!  Make sure you can locate each example too.


Depositional landforms:

Moraines                                   WATCH THIS! - The Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand (also good for  glacier as a system and the zone of accumulation!) 



Spotting glacial features on a map -TASK to get you started and you can follow these links too:  SnowdoniaMapzone  Geoactive


A useful link from the BBC too... OS map spotting



A Case study of a glacier: How has it retreated? What are the causes and evidence?  The Grosser Aletsch, Europe's longest glacier - see UG page 109

Four Swiss glaciers (BBC) SOURCE


Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network - interactive maps and data

Swiss Glacier Retreat - BBC news

This is a great swiss site to look at photos over time of many of the world' glaciers including the Aletsch glacier. Shows retreat and resulting features.

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