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Use your text book p16/17 to build your case study of a volcanic eruption -   The Soufriere Hills,Montserrat


Use a case study to discuss the response to a volcanic eruption 8 marks


 map  latitude and longitude - for Montserrat?


WATCH - 10 minutes of the eruption, its impacts and responses 





A helicopter ride over Plymouth in 2012 - watch a little to give you an idea of what it is like now 


The effects on people's lives and their responses - 4 minute clip to watch



The Montserrat Volcano Observatory


Is the eruption still happening? click to find out!


The cause

Montserrat is on a DESTRUCTIVE plate boundary where the North American Plate is subducting beneath the Caribbean Plate....  DIAGRAM  now explain why a volcanic eruption happens here! (refer to your notes on plate boundaries and volcano formation)

(extra detail from wikipedia...)



websites to add detail to your case study...


A good interactive resource from the BBC 

news reports from 1997 - the major eruption

An update on the effects of the eruptions

The impact on Montserrat's economy 

The plans for the new capital

The creation of Montserrat and more!

Can there be anything positive? - what about promoting tourism Montserrat's Tourist Board

a good overview from the Governor's office




Other volcanoes... 

Mount Etna

Map of latest eruption


Articles from the JULY 2001 eruption

October 30th 2002 - images  and news article


Lots of other sites exist - so here are two very detailed starting points:

Volcano World   - everything you need and more!

Detail about Mauna Kea, Hawaii and Mt St Helens - but lots more links from this site too - worth looking at!


An animation of  a volcanic eruption - only useful if you have flash installed!



MAY 2008 - Chaiten Volcano, Chile - it has been dormant for 1000 years... until now! (ITN newsclip


Why live in a volcanic area?


Did you know... A survey taken in Puna, Hawaii near the active volcano Kilauea indicated that 90% of inhabitants believed that the advantages of living there outweighed the disadvantages - even though Kilauea has erupted more than 70 times since 1750!


Follow the activities on pages 14 and 15

you could print out a copy of the Bay of Naples area and annotate it with details of the advantages of volcanic activity in this region.


complete the table


the Bay of Naples is referred to in this article


Predicting and Monitoring Volcanic Eruptions


When a volcano begins to show new or unusual signs of activity scientists quickly examine monitoring data including gas, ground deformation, and satellite imagery to assess if a magma  is moving towards the surface. Based on the history of the volcano and the analysis of the monitoring data it can be determine what types of materials could be moving towards the surface and what hazards could potentially occur. The possible types of hazards help determine what real-time warnings are needed to prevent loss of life and property damage...


complete your own table using the USGS website to help you... and the Prediction section on this BBC site about Montserrat is good too (click on the appropriate tab)








Gas emissions


Hydrology – lahar warnings








Play the build your own volcano game

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