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 keep up to date with events...   

Afghanistan Oct 2015  Nepal 2015  Sichuan April 2013  PAKISTAN SEPT 2013:  new land?!  - immediate effects/responses  aftershocks  A detailed summary from the USGS





How are earthquakes measured? (and page 18 in your text)


1. The Richter scale - what does it measure? what scale is it measured on? do this too!

2. The Mercalli Scale - what does it measure? give examples of the different levels on the scale. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this scale?


detail on the richter scale and examples of earthquake sizes from the BBC 


Define Epicentre and Focus.


For any tectonic event we study (earthquake, volcano or tsunami) you need to be clear about the differences between EFFECTS and RESPONSE - try this exercise to make sure that you do know! 



 A case study of an  earthquake in a poorer part of the world:


Nepal April 2015 - you will need to follow the links via our FROG site to add key info to this case study.


Illustrate the effects of a poor world earthquake you have studied (6) 



Can we predict and prepare for earthquakes?


Use the links below, your handout and page 19:


  1. What are the Three Ps?
  2. List four ways in which scientists try to predict earthquakes. How successful are these methods?
  3. Explain how buildings can be designed to be earthquake proof
  4. Give some examples of the advice that California gives to its population to be prepared for an earthquake.


Be prepared - SHAKE OUT!  California's annual drill - the ShakeOut

How are LA's buildings made earthquake resistant - LA's most earthquake proof building 


FEMA's website - not just for earthquakes!




A rich world earthquake event...

Los Angeles - when will there be the next 'Big One'?


 What happened in 1994? - The 1994 Northridge quake caused major damage in Los Angeles, but nothing has matched the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which destroyed a majority of the city.

BBC news footage


Make sure you can explain the CAUSE of the Los Angeles EarthquakeWATCH THIS and add detailed notes to a diagram of a conservative plate boundary


Compare the effects of this earthquake with the Nepal Earthquake - use this table



Watch the Prof ! - an Anatomy of an EQ - good for how an EQ happens but also for considering the scale of the damage -


What might the examiner ask you? - be prepared...


  1. Use an example from a poorer part of the world to illustrate the primary and secondary effects of an earthquake.
  2. Discuss the response to an earthquake you have studied.
  3. Explain why the response to earthquake events can vary.
  4. Compare the  effects of an earthquake event in rich and a poor part of the world.
  5. Use examples to explain why the effects of an earthquake can vary






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