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Use this key terms sheet and add to it as you go along! ~(fruit machine)


The growth and importance of international tourism tasks here. 


The World Tourism Organisation - summary of the latest info here  - you can extend your knowledge of the growth and importance of tourism by selecting supporting evidence from this document.


For an interesting summary of some of the concepts and some extra reading have a look at this website on Tourism 


The importance of tourism to the UK ?

1. find some key facts - task here


2. Explain how external factors can have an impact on visitor numbers. See page 238 to help!


3. watch this clip about Brighton and use page 238 to Explain why the tourist industry is so important to the UK (6)


4. Add detail to your work - The UK's National Tourist Agency - VisitBritain - lots of facts here.


What is the Tourist Area Life Cycle Model?  - lots of info


Blackpool -   WATCH this to being with then add detailed annotations to your own copy of the TALC model


Make sure you know where it is!

View Larger Map



Visit Blackpool!


Will this persuade the French to come to Blackpool?! read then watchSky news report on this.  and now there's advert number two!



Attempts to regenerate Blackpool


Will the latest improvements to Blackpool Tower make a difference...


are tourist numbers on the rise?


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