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A case study of mass tourism in an established tropical region - Southern KENYA...


Write a definition of MASS tourism (see page 242)


Compare Kenya to the UK for starters!


Use the text book pages 243 to 245, the video clips and then you can extend your research if you have time... 

(You can also link to the Boardworks powerpoint - go to the subjects drive on the network to find these)


1. Attractions - PHYSICAL and HUMAN:        Why visit? Link to the Kenya Tourist Board's website - lots of information and go to their YouTube Channel to see an advert  And watch this class clip!  Include a MAP to show the location of main tourist attractions


The Kenyan tourist Board's website - The Magic of Kenya


Use this map that you can annotate. At a minimum labels should include...

Masai Mara



Mombassa, Nairobi and Malindi


Mt Kenya


2. IMPACTS:  (lots on pages 244/5)


In this section you could have a table - remember you must have POSITIVE and NEGATIVE impacts

  • Environmental impacts:
  • Economic impacts    (you could refer to The impact of the global recession and the likely impact of the news of UK tourist murdered.)
  •   Social impacts



It is worth adding some information to your ECONOMIC section about Kenya - Why is tourism so important to a developing country like Kenya - BBC factfile 



3. Is tourism good or bad for Kenya? - justify your answer



 4. What strategies are in place to reduce the negative effects (see question 2 on page 245 and complete this sorting exercise)

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