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Inner City Regeneration

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What is the Inner City?


The Inner City is the land-use zone which grew up around the city centre, it is also known as the twilight zone or zone of transition.


Inner city areas grew up in the 19th century as towns grew rapidly due to industrialisation and the demand for workers in the industries that had grown up. Large numbers moved to the city for work and needed low cost housing close to work due to the lack of public or private transport. This led to the growth of factories and low-cost terraced housing around what is now the city centre


You should be aware of the traditional characteristics of the inner city, the problems and the solutions...



We are going to visit the Coin Street area, Waterloo.

here is a good overview -  http://www.geographyteachingtoday.org.uk/fieldwork/resource/urban-regeneration-and-2012-resources/coin-street/


You should have a look at the Coin Street Community Builders webpage.


Where is Coin Street?

How to find us(sourceCSCB website )


Build your case study of Inner City Decline and Regeneration...

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