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Globalisation is a significant feature of the world in the 21st Century...  (and it is in the news)




Spec Says: The Concept of Globalisation and recognition of Interdependence 


 In economic terms, globalisation refers to the growing economic integration of the world, as trade, investment and money increasingly cross international borders. It has political and cultural implications too, for example it affects the jobs we do, the environment we live in and even the clothes we wear and the music we listen to.


The rapid spread of information technology (IT) and the internet is changing the way companies organise production, and increasingly allowing services as well as manufacturing to be globalised  Read more here.   Your text book pages 218 - 221 explains the changing global distribution of manufacturing industry and there is further information here.



BBC Bitesize has a useful overview of the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation.   


 How globalisation is affecting people across the world (using the growth of Indian software companies as an example)


A fact page on globalisation at the BBC





Globalisation has meant the development of manufacturing and services across the world...


1. The influence of the developments in ICT have allowed the development of  localised industrial regions with global connections  - find some additional supporting evidence from the BBC's Sports Page!



So, what are the KEY FEATURES of the F1 Motorsport Industry in Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire - from your work see if you can list FIVE and how would you organise them?



2. The reasons for the development of call centres - watch this

Read page 216 and the call centres handout:


  • What is a call centre?
  • Why do companies locate them abroad? (find four reasons)
  • Give an example of a UK company that has located call centres abroad - say where too.
  • What are the benefits of this to India and Indians?
  • Are there any disadvantages to locating call centres abroad? Use the links below...

You could also read about IT centres in Bangalore and have a go at questions 1 and 2 on page 216 


Call centres return to the UK - find out why...    watch this


Santander comes back to the UK





















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