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Welcome to GCSE Geography at Prior's Field


Earth-20-june.gif (11117 bytes)

(and do have a look at what the A Level students are up to!

GEOGRAPHY MATTERS! - watch what GOOGLE have to say...


Study Geography  - and read this too! 

You might also consider how you can use your talents to work in a job that will have a positive impact on the future   - Real Cool Futures!




Help PF become an Eco-School  









 watch this!


Sing Along

How many countries are there?


Shift Happens...


The World as you've never seen it before?



In the news : 

(You should be doing this not me!! Papers are in the library everyday or you can link to them online - for example, The Guardian (including its environment pages), The Times and the BBC are good starting points)



Mississippi Floods the disadvantages of hard engineering?


Earthquake - JAPAN

 New Zealand... 6.3 on the Richter Scale and 65 dead - In September there was a 7.1 earthquake that caused less damage - WHY?





Pakistan Floods


Eyjafjallaj√∂kull  volcanic eruption - follow the eruption via BBC news


Starfish on the beach!!



27.2.09:  8.8 Earthquake hits Chile - The earthquake struck at 0634 GMT, 115km (70 miles) north-east of the city of Concepcion and 325km south-west of the capital Santiago. It is the biggest to hit Chile in 50 years images  follow the news via the BBC 


HAITI earthquake -

 What's going on with the weather?!  Take a look at this map from The Guardian website and the Special Report from the BBC - consider the cause and effects.


Is there a volcano under your home?  Find out!


World AIDS day



Cumbria Floods


What's happening in Copenhagen?  A 'complete guide' from The Guardian - What was agreed?  not enough?


UK population 'to rise to 71.6m'


Sept 30th... TSUNAMI in the Pacific and an earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia  - 6 days on

Find out about the 10:10 campaign and sign up! Melting men?!


Where's the River Thames gone?!  Or it is back again?


Will there be a 'perfect storm' of shortages by 2030?


Typhoon Morakot



Detailed maps of how climate change will affect the UK are being released...

Origin of Antarctic Ice discovered!


EU Migration - Conflicts in N Ireland  

WATCH this!  Giant Scottish wind farm goes into action! = excellent detail for the managing resources topic.


Swine Flu - some really good interactive maps from The Guardian...   The Geography of Diseases is something you might want to find out more about (- this link is aimed at teachers but you could use all of the links within it)

The Italian Earthquake -  BBC is a good starting point. For your studies note not only the effects but the response too...

The G20 have been meeting in London - why and who are they?


The World's cheapest car has just been launched in India - should we be concerned


Pen Hadow has started his Arctic expedition - follow his progress  

Red Nose Day - look at if from a geographer's point of view...


Follow the BBC's Box  around the world - and help get to grips with globalisation!


New evidence on Antarctica warming

Australia bushfires


A two child limit - what do you think?




Have a go at this! http://www.stopdisastersgame.org/en/playgame.html


HAITI - follow the news - where is Haiti?  What size was the earthquake? Where was the epicentre? Why did it happen? (useful map of boundaries) What are the effects? What you should include in your research

A powerful set of images from the United Nations


Scroll through this resource and watch the 2 clips to find out the cause and detail on epicentre and focus.


What causes earthquakes to happen - watch this animation - more animations for other hazards here too - take a look!


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