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Extreme Environments

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Extreme environments are susceptible to environmental damage from the development of tourism


These are the questions we will be able to answer by the end of this case study...


  • What is an extreme environment?
  • What are the attractions of extreme environments to tourists?
  • Why is there an increased demand for adventure holidays?
  • What is the impact of tourism on extreme environments?
  • How should extreme environments be managed?


Starting point:  Your text pages 246 and 7 :


  • What is an extreme environment?
  • Give some examples - make sure you know where to find them! (use Google Earth or an Atlas)
  • Why do these environments appeal to tourists?



  1. What do you know about Antarctica?  play the quiz!
  2. Plan your holiday!   search for travel companies such as ... Exodus,  Discover the world,  Antarctica Bound  - google Antarctica you'll find plenty more!  more links



3. Now use the following links to complete your answers to these questions:  (word doc to help you)


  • Why is the Antarctic becoming more popular as a tourist destination? See map of the main tourist sites here.


  • What are the environmental impacts of tourism in Antarctica?  complete this table
  • How is Antarctica protected?
  • What are the potential threats to Antarctica in the future?



Why go? March of the Penguins


Antarctica - FAQs!


Where do tourists originate from? What do they do? What impact do they have? 

Can pensioners cause an environmental disaster?? - see the Telegraph Article 

In 2007 a ship did sink...MS Explorer


A National Geographic report on the growth of tourism and it impacts


Information from the British Antarctic Survey


The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operatos IAATO - what is their guidance for visitors to the Antarctic? visitor guidelines poster   And SLIDESHOW


New tourism limits agreed


Examples of visitor site guide - click on No17 Whalers Bay as an example



Choose section 7 of Discovering Antarctica then click on 'the future of tourism' to find out more about the impacts of tourism - WRITE YOUR POSTCARD!


Captain Scott's Hut


Remember it is not just the Antarctic  that suffers from extreme tourism... What's your viewpoint on Should Everest be Closed?

Litter on Everest  The Andrex Trail!

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